Uncontested Divorces Made Easy and Stress Free

Never go to court. Let us take care of everything so that this can be stress-free, simple, and easy.

Even when there is nothing to fight about, when all you want is to move on, an divorce, even when it is uncontested,  can be stressful and complicated. There are tons of forms and court rules that you have to know about.


Our aim is to make things easy for you and handle the process from start to finish. We specialize in doing uncontested divorces for people anywhere in Manitoba, Canada. Whether you live in Winnipeg or the most remote part of the province, we can handle the case and meet with you over Zoom or by phone. All legal work is handled by a team of experienced legal professionals dedicated to providing a modernized and sensitive approach to divorce, so that you don’t have to worry about the details.

For a flat fee, we will prepare all documents, serve the other side, set the matter down in court, and prepare the necessary affidavits. We’ve been providing this service for clients for over twenty years, and we love doing it. Clients never have to go to court  because we handle everything for a flat fee with no surprises.


The most stressful parts of a divorce are reported to be the initial decision and the legal aftermath. You’re doing enough already, so let us take care of the rest.


Unfortunately, we cannot handle cases where there are children under the age of majority or financial issues to sort out. These cases require attendance in court due to their complexities.


If you’re ready to move on and get that divorce, then we’ve got you covered.

What They’re Saying

All of the attorneys are well versed in all fields of law and treated me with the upmost respect. I was impressed with their legal expertise and knowledge, as well as their competency and ability to ease my concerns during litigation. Also was very happy with how quickly they responded to my calls or emails. They really helped put my mind at ease during a difficult and stressful situation.

Tiffany Oliver

This Firm will go out of the way to make things happen! They helped me procure a contract with delivering documents to a agency in the city and with very short notice (Approx. 10min) to the dead line they delivered. And we won the contract due to their dedication to customer service and dedication.


Pellizarro had a strong knowledge base around our particular family situation and has always been available for advice to ensure and establish long term solutions. I highly recommend his services for adoption,guardianship, or family law-whichever it is that you need.

Lorie C. Doucette