Terms of Service

DivorceUncontested.ca is a promotional website advertising legal services provided by the law firm of Mayer Dearman & Pellizzar (hereinafter referred to as MDP Law.). MDP Law is an established law firm located in Thompson, Manitoba and providing legal services to clients throughout Manitoba, Canada. At this time we do not handle cases outside of Manitoba.

Becoming Our Client

Sometimes we are not the right lawyer for you and so we do not take every case. Accessing our website or submitting information through our contact page does not establish a lawyer/client relationship and we will not do any work until you have hired us and we have agreed in writing to represent you.

Before taking on your case, we will do a conflict check to make sure we are not prevented from acting on your case. For example, we will check to make sure that no one in our firm has acted for your ex-spouse.

We will also ask you a few questions by phone or email to make sure that this is really an uncontested divorce and that there are no issues outstanding dealing with things such as child custody or financial matters. Our online legal division only takes on cases where the divorce is going to be uncontested and we can realistically deal with things remotely using phone, email, and zoom so that you never have to go to court.

If your case meets this qualifications and we are a right fit, we will discuss the total cost and then ask you to sign a retainer agreement. The retainer agreement will confirm the agreed upon flat fee and set out what legal services we will provide for you. You will then be asked to sign the agreement and provide a retainer up front to cover the agreed cost.

Then we get started.